dreamslessordinary asked:

Your Captain Marvel stained glass piece is stunning. How did you get into a craft like that? It seems like a complex and interesting art, and I wouldn't even know where someone would begin!


Thank you for your comment, it’s really nice to hear people like it! To answer your question, I kind of stumbled on stained glass, almost by chance. I am quite the crafty geek and have tried my hand at many things, but stained glass is something I never thought I would be able to do - for me it has always been a somewhat mystical and highly skilled art form taught from father to son and reserved for cathedrals and sacred places that required a lot of time, equipment and mastery. Turns out - not at all. Well, almost not at all. It does take A LOT of time. 

I was just walking by the Stained Glass Garden shop one day here in Berkeley (I was trying to visit the area a bit since I had just moved) and saw that they offered one-day classes and thought… what the hell! LET’S DO THIS THING. They had us make a small wind-chime type thing in a day, so I walked away with all the skills necessary… I was just fortunate to have access to a place that sold all the tools and glass. I make stained glass in my apartment now; it’s not ideal but it’s feasible. 

I don’t know if I fully answered your question, but my discovery of the art was a simple strike of dumb luck. I am happy that it brings joy to people and I will continue to make it (although I really, really need to start taking this whole PhD thing seriously… can’t be slacking off that much), and maybe you will as well!